21st Century CURES Act: Exchange Standards and Information Blocking

Podcast — 5/10/2019

The 21st Century CURES Act addresses interoperability, the health information technology certification program, and information blocking.

A New Tool for the Opioid Epidemic: Specialized Opioid Case Management

Webinar — 6/25/2020

This webinar covers fundamentals of case management and creating additional support for people with opioid use disorder referred by first responders.

At the Epicenter of the Crisis: The Role of Jails in Tackling the Opioid Epidemic

Podcast — 8/21/2018

Sheriff Kevin Coppinger of the Essex County Sheriff's Department (ECSD) discusses the role of jails in the opioid epidemic.

Behind and Beyond the Walls: Peer Supports in Jail Settings

Webinar — 8/13/2019

Three models of jail-based peer recovery support services that bridge to community peer supports are discussed.

BJA FY 2019 Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Site-based Program Solicitation Webinar

Webinar — 4/28/2019

Bureau of Justice Assistance leaders review the FY 2019 Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Site-based Program grant application process. 

BJA FY 2019 Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Training and Technical Assistance Program Solicitation Webinar

Webinar — 4/16/2019

Learn more about the BJA FY 2019 Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Training and Technical Assistance Program Competitive Grant and application process.

Building an Organizational Culture That Values First Responder Diversion

Webinar — 7/22/2020

Building support for first responder diversion throughout participating agencies is critical to the implementation and success of such programs.

Building Resilience in the Face of the Opioid Crisis: The Power of Trauma-Informed Communities

Webinar — 1/28/2020

What is a trauma-informed community (TIC)? How is this approach practical and useful for addressing the opioid epidemic in hard-hit communities?

Closing the Gap: A Case Study on Collaborative Work Between First Responders and Recovery Support Services

Webinar — 8/27/2020

Learn how first responders can work with recovery support professionals to connect individuals who abuse substances to treatment services.

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment: Recognizing Criminal Thinking Patterns

Webinar — 8/17/2020

Learn how cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) can address criminal thinking.

Community-Based Treatment Capacity to Meet Demand for SUD Services

Webinar — 3/5/2019

This webinar describes the components of a robust network of treatment services, strategies for expanding access to treatment services, etc.

Data-Driven Justice Monthly Call: Getting to Yes: Drafting a Data Sharing Agreement

Webinar — 10/23/2018

This webinar shares strategies to analyze data-sharing issues and provides guidance on key elements to include in data-sharing agreements.

Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Criminal Division Discusses Combating the Opioid Crisis

Podcast — 10/26/2020

This podcast discusses how DOJ is combatting the opioid crisis.

Drug Endangered Children Alliance Implementation: A Successful Tribal Model

Webinar — 8/20/2020

This webinar provides an overview on the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservations's journey to implement a DEC Alliance.

Engaging Clients in Treatment: Combining MRT With MAT for Opioid Use Disorder

Webinar — 4/29/2020

Learn about Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT®) and its use in substance abuse treatment and medication-assisted treatment programs.

First Responder/Law Enforcement Strategies: Supporting Overdose Survivors and Their Families

Webinar — 1/30/2020

An overview is presented of the models of overdose prevention, response, diversion, and referral most commonly associated with opioid use disorder.

First Responder-Led Diversion and Outreach: An Overview of the Field and a Primer for Implementation

Webinar — 4/23/2020

This session presents an overview of first responder diversion models and offers insights on implementing first responder diversion programs.

First-Responder Trauma

Webinar — 5/28/2020

This webinar highlights the experiences, efforts, and needs of first responders re: exposure to traumatic stressors specific to the opioid crisis.

FY 2018 Special Conditions Related to Hal Rogers PDMP Grant Awards and PDMP Interstate Data Sharing

Webinar — 5/27/2018

This webinar answers questions and provides guidance on PDMP data sharing hub connectivity.

Handle With Care

Webinar — 12/12/2018

Handle With Care is a promising initiative to mitigate the negative effects experienced by children exposed to trauma.

Identifying and Overcoming Barriers in Treating Behavioral Health Disorders Using Videoconferencing in Correctional Settings

Podcast — 9/4/2019

This podcast is a follow-up to the "Telemental Health in Correctional Settings" webinar featuring Dr. Ashley Batastini.

Implementing Telehealth in Jails

Webinar — 8/13/2020

Implementing telehealth in jails is a crucial next step in providing treatment to individuals in the criminal justice system.

Innovations and Challenges of PDMPs

Podcast — 9/6/2019

This podcast is a follow-up to "The Evolution of PDMPs and Their Role in Addressing the Opioid Crisis".

Introduction to Drug-Endangered Children Awareness: Identifying Drug-Endangered Children - A Collaborative Approach

Webinar — 7/23/2020

During this webinar, introductory information on identifying and supporting children impacted by parental or caregiver substance abuse is provided.

Introduction to the CLOUD: An Online Source for Actionable, Evidence-Based Resources on Opioids and the Opioid Crisis

Webinar — 3/19/2020

The Curated Library about Opioid Use for Decision-makers (CLOUD) is a newly launched, searchable website (opioidlibrary.org).

Making Data Simple: Dashboards and Visualizations

Webinar — 7/16/2019

Data visualization techniques used to improve understanding of substance use, criminal justice, and public health outcomes are presented.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Outpatient Clinics: Using Behavioral Telehealth

Webinar — 11/28/2018

Lessons learned from Operation PAR, which uses videoconferencing to enhance and expand service delivery in six MAT clinics, are highlighted.

Medication-Assisted Treatment in the Courthouse: Exploring Franklin County, Ohio’s Success

Webinar — 6/3/2020

Learn how courts can incorporate medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs into court proceedings and how a successful court MAT program looks.

Methamphetamine Use Disorders: Considerations From Across the Sequential Intercept Model (SIM)

Webinar — 7/16/2020

This webinar addresses various aspects of methamphetamine use and justice involvement.

Mobile Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT) in Practice

Webinar — 1/23/2019

Medication-assisted treatment pairs FDA-approved medications with non-drug therapies such as counseling or cognitive behavioral therapy.

Moms Do Care

Webinar — 2/19/2019

The Massachusetts Moms Do Care Project includes peer recovery coaches and care navigation to support pregnant and parenting women who abuse opioids.

National Sheriffs' Association ODMAP Webinar

Webinar — 9/24/2020

This webinar will overview ODMAP, review a case study of an agency that has been using ODMAP, and show the capabilities within ODMAP.

New Resources to Help Individuals With Substance Use Disorders Build Recovery Capital: Digital Health Technologies

Webinar — 6/28/2018

Barriers to accessing recovery support services and the role and benefits of mobile technology to reduce barriers and support recovery are covered.

ODMAP Webinar: Access, Assistance, and Resources

Webinar — 1/5/2020

Learn about the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program (ODMAP), requesting agency access, available resources, and more.

ODMAP—Harnessing the Power of Data to Tackle Our Nation's Opioid Public Health Emergency

Webinar — 1/10/2018

View a demonstration of ODMAP and learn how two local jurisdictions are using this free mobile tool.

Ohio Pre-Criminal Intervention Program (PCIP)

Webinar — 3/28/2018

The implementation of a pre-criminal intervention program (PCIP) in Ohio and the way it addresses opioid misuse are covered in this webinar.

Orleans Parish Reentry Court: Connecting Individuals to Services

Webinar — 6/17/2020

This webinar is the second in a series highlighting MAT programs across the justice system.

Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program (ODMAP) Webinar

Webinar — 5/24/2019

Learn about the Washington/Baltimore HIDTA's free, user-friendly mobile-capable tool, the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program (ODMAP).

Overdose Fatality Review (OFR) and COVID-19 Response

Webinar — 5/7/2020

Learn from a panel of OFR professionals how they are meeting virtually to focus on OFR activities other than case reviews.

Overdose Fatality Review Teams: Partnerships with PDMPs

Webinar — 8/11/2020

This webinar highlights OFRs and the benefits of OFR and PDMP partnerships.

Partnerships for Prevention: Overdose Fatality Review 101

Webinar — 1/16/2020

Overdose fatality review (OFR) is an effective way to identify innovative community-specific overdose prevention strategies.

PDMP Data Sharing Hub Connectivity General Presentation

Webinar — 5/27/2018

This webinar presents an overview of RxCheck.

PDMP Data Sharing Hub Connectivity Technical Presentation

Webinar — 5/27/2018

This webinar covers the technical architecture for the PDMP Data Sharing Hub.

Peer Ethics

Webinar — 1/29/2020

This webinar examines the ethical guidelines, practices, and challenges of peer practitioners in peer recovery support services (PRSS).

Peer Programming With First Responders: Front Line Collaboration

Webinar — 4/22/2020

This session offers information on how to provide peer support in effective collaboration with first responders.

Peer Recovery Housing

Podcast — 3/27/2019

Learn about peer recovery housing and its importance in addressing the opioid epidemic.

Peer Recovery Support Services—Options, Opportunities, and Challenges for Jurisdictions

Webinar — 2/27/2018

Peer recovery support services are helping jurisdictions across the country address the opioid epidemic.

Peer Support in African American Communities

Webinar — 3/25/2020

This session covers peer support for underserved populations and ways to provide culturally responsive peer support to African American communities.

Peer Support in Drug Courts

Podcast — 5/21/2019

The work of peer specialists in drug courts is highlighted.

Peer Support in Jails and Prisons: Enhancing Therapeutic Communities and Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Webinar — 6/24/2020

This webinar covers the value of peer support for incarcerated individuals and the importance of therapeutic communities for those individuals.

Peer Support Services at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Webinar

Webinar — 6/11/2019

The session highlights the Community Justice Program at UAB and describes the work of peers at varying points of the justice system continuum.

Peer Supports in Small Towns and Rural Communities

Webinar — 7/9/2019

This webinar focuses on the process of implementing peer support services in rural areas.

Peer-Based Recovery in Tribal Communities

Webinar — 9/10/2019

Peer-based supports, tribal cultural practices, and other evidence-supported methods to promote recovery from substance use disorder are discussed.

Peer-Centered Programming: Building Recovery Capital

Webinar — 5/27/2020

Learn about recovery capital and its importance in peer recovery support services.

Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)—The Martinsburg Initiative Webinar

Webinar — 5/1/2019

Learn about an innovative school/police/community partnership in West Virginia that applies the science of adverse childhood experiences prevention.

Providing Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) Treatment Services Utilizing Videoconferencing Webinar

Webinar — 5/28/2019

This webinar focuses on implementing OUD services using videoconferencing, including required technology/technical skills and privacy concerns.

Public Health Peer Support Models

Webinar — 8/26/2020

This webinar presents models of peer recovery support from community health and public health settings.

Quick Response Teams: Interdisciplinary Overdose Response and Prevention

Podcast — 10/22/2018

From this podcast, listeners will be able to describe the QRT program and have information to begin exploring a similar program with local partners.

Recovery Planning

Webinar — 9/23/2020

This session for peer workers and peer program supervisors explores recovery planning as a strengths-based, self-directed process.

Reducing the Risk of Opioid Overdoses: MAT Reentry Programs

Webinar — 8/16/2018

An overview of two medication-assisted treatment (MAT) reentry programs, one jail-based and one prison-based, is presented.

Rural-focused OFR Webinar

Webinar — 8/24/2020

This webinar discusses how to expand the use of Overdose Fatality Reviews (OFRs) into non-urban centers.

Saving a Life Twice—The Naloxone Plus Solution to Reducing Overdoses and Connecting to Treatment

Webinar — 3/21/2018

Learn how Naloxone Plus can help revive someone who has overdosed and how to connect that person to treatment.

Strategies for Reaching Overdose Survivors, Including Peer Support

Webinar — 9/20/2018

Nontraditional responses to overdoses are discussed, with a focus on the use of Peer Support Specialists.

Strategies to Combat Opioid Use in Rural Communities Webinar

Webinar — 5/3/2019

This presentation focuses on a wide range of strategies that communities can use to combat the opioid problem.

Stress Management: Addressing First Responders' Emotional Health

Webinar — 10/25/2018

The causes of first responder burnout, with consideration given to stresses arising from response to the opioid epidemic, are discussed.

Support Mechanisms for Peer Specialists

Webinar — 2/26/2020

Learn about support mechanisms for peer specialists, including promoting wellness and setting a context in which self-care can be implemented.

Telemental Health in Correctional Settings

Webinar — 7/25/2019

This webinar focuses on integration of telemental health interventions—specifically real-time videoconferencing—in correctional settings.

The Evolution of PDMPs and Their Role in Addressing the Opioid Crisis

Podcast — 9/6/2019

The role of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs), a brief history of PDMPs, and current innovations across PDMPS are presented.

The Opioid Crisis and Its Growing Impact on First Responder Health and Wellness

Webinar — 9/24/2019

This part 1 overview will cover how everyday stress and trauma are impacting first responders' resilience, wellness, and ability to function.

The Opioid Crisis—One State’s Approach to Supporting the Health and Wellness of its First Responders

Webinar — 11/5/2019

In part 2, OhioMHAS will speak about how first responders are becoming trauma-informed and discuss applications of putting those strategies in place.

The Power of Peers: Highlighting the Peer Recovery Support Services Mentoring Initiative

Podcast — 9/10/2020

Showcasing two mentor and two mentee sites that participated in BJA’s COSSAP-supported Peer Recovery Support Services Mentoring Initiative last year.

The Power of Peers: Spotlight on Grantees

Podcast — 9/10/2020

Representatives of four COAP* county-level grantee programs discuss innovative ways their programs are fighting opioid crises in their communities.

The State Experience of Planning an Opioid Initiative

Podcast — 2/13/2019

Delaware’s approach to collecting and incorporating feedback from a community planning an initiative in response to the opioid epidemic.

The Youngest Victims of the Opioid Epidemic: Law Enforcement’s Role in the Response

Webinar — 10/22/2020

This webinar covers ways law enforcement and community-based organizations can collaborate in their response to drug endangered children.

Training for First Responder Diversion Programs

Webinar — 8/27/2019

First responder training on diversion programs for individuals with an opioid and substance use disorder is discussed.

Unlock the Power of Peers: Strategies for Response, Rehabilitation, Reentry, and Recovery Support

Webinar — 10/23/2018

Common values that are the foundation for peer recovery support services and the roles that peers play across the sequential intercepts are discussed.

Using Web-Based Motivational Assessment Strategies: MAPIT

Webinar — 5/17/2018

MAPIT is a Web-based motivational intervention that links a person's risk and needs factors to case plans that the client can develop.

What's in a Name? The Roles of Peer Specialists

Webinar — 4/9/2019

Peer specialists serve in peer recovery support services (PRSS) across diverse criminal justice settings. Learn about their roles and support needs.
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